Eeyore DAK

Update on the mouth

Update on the mouth (gum graft was a week and a day ago): doing well. I am back to eating 99% of the foods I usually eat, with caution. My electric toothbrush removed a very small amount of stitches last night but no issues from that. Gum graft site still gets a little sore when I talk a lot (i.e., for my job).
Eeyore DAK

Gum Graft #1

Today I had my first gum graft procedure.

The graft itself was not so bad. As with the deep cleaning, the local anesthetic injection (after the topical anesthetic) was the worst part. I've never had a bee sting, but if I did, I would describe it as a bee sting in the mouth - ouch!

There was only one point during the graft when I felt a bit of pain when the doctor was working on my lower left teeth (21 and 22, I believe). I put my finger up to indicate "Wait." The doctor asked what was wrong, and I asked if I was supposed to feel pain. He said no, and he gave me some more anesthetic. It was pretty fine after that.

The graft itself was to take about 30 minutes, and I believe it did. I wasn't as numb as I was for the deep cleaning. I could talk fairly well after the graft. I got my mouth piece in, plus a second one for later. I was told to keep my mouth piece in for 24 hours. After I left the office, I picked up my prescriptions. I had prescriptions for PCN, Chlorhexidine (rinse), and Lortab. I only filled the former two - for today, anyway.

I took a Tylenol (325 mg) around 1300 because the pain was starting to get worse. My DBF and I started watching Toy Story of Terror, and the pain got really bad. :/ But it got better. Glad I spent time with my DBF for a while. He is a great guy. :)

For lunch, I made myself a smoothie and had some soup a few hours later. The soup tasted good, but the texture took the form of my mouth piece. Weird. Did not like it. Felt like I was chewing on rubber - eww.

Later tonight, I had a smoothie, leftover soup, and a bit of yogurt. I decided that I really like foods I can swallow, rather than chewing. So tomorrow I will try to eat foods like smoothies and yogurt.